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Bits & Bobs Looking for a Home

Collection from London only, but can meet up after work if that's easier than coming to the house.
Anything left by the end of the week is going to the charity shop.


Mort - Terry Pratchett
Dawnthief - James Barclay
Daughters of Fire - Barbara Erskine
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies - Austen and Grahame-Smith
The Iron Tree - Cecilia Dart Thornton
Red Dwarf Space Corps Survival Manual


Full Metal Panic Vols 1+2
Ouran High School Host Club Vols 1+2
Lupin III Vols 1-3
Deus Vitae Vol 1
The Cain Saga Vol 1
Vampire Knight Vols 1+2
Ai Yori Aoshi Vols 1-4
Get Backers Vol 3
Battle Vixens Vol 1 
Inu-Yasha Vol 1
Sorcerer Hunters Vol 6
Onegai Teacher Vol 1
Steel Angel Kurumi Vol 1
Those Who Hunt Elves Vol 1
Lodoss War - The Lady of Pharis (Japanese Language)
Koko wa Greenwood Vols 1-11 (complete series and Japanese Language)


Full Metal Panic Vol 1 (Region 2)
D N Angel Vol 2 (Region 2)
My-Hime Vol 5 (Region 2)


Brush and ink calligraphy set
Learn Japanese CD set (Annette)

Calling All Helpers!

So AyaCon is only a week away and we're going to need a lot of help to keep HQ manned (unless you want to laugh at our pathetic attempts to be omnipresent).

We know there'll be lots of familiar faces in HQ over the weekend (especially as Kat's packed so much stuff in there), but we need to know there's going to be people to help throughout the day. Below is the timetable for the weekend which I'll update as people offer up help so you can see where we're needing. Two hour shifts are bestest as the time really will fly by (and the more free drinks and snacks you can consume), but I'll split them out if needed and you can double up, no need to help alone :) 

Full What and Where guide for checking those event times you want to see.

5pm - 6pm: Annette, Lucy
6pm - 7pm: Kelly, Emma C
7pm - 8pm: Kelly, Carrie

10am -12am: Rachael, Andrew
12am - 2pm: Carrie, Lou
2pm - 4pm: Maz, Chevi
4pm - 5pm: Angie

10am - 12am: Fi, Emma F
12am - 2pm: Emma F
2pm - 4pm: Andy, Lou
4pm - 6pm: Angie

Thank you awesome people and please link this to anyone I haven't found on LJ who is interested :)

....Oh Dear

Cooke is voiced by Phil & Lil from the Rugrats. Lost Odyssey ruined.

Oh noes, Illegals!

Protesters in Totenham Court Road petitioning against fox hunting...

Isn't that banned already; you know the hundreds of thousands of dogs killed and businesses ruined?

Yeah but there's still hundreds of hunts every week!

....So you want to ban people from doing illegal things....

Hello root of social collapse as seen through the fluffy lovers eyes!

People like this scare me.

So Funny XD

Retarded Gits will Kill you for a Penny

I cannot believe how utterly stupid / evil some people can be.

We have a large amount of crap piled up outside our door from the renovation of the houses next to us. We get a lot of people outside for various reasons, so I have no idea if any of them are meant to be there. 

Today I see a guy rummaging through the pile of crap, Scally seeing what he can get from renovation rubbish, I think.  Big, shaved head stabby kinda guy, I certainly wasn't going outside to chase him off. We leave shortly after and get annoyed that opening the bags has let the smell out, commence anger that we'll have to sort it out somehow.

We arrive home hours later...to be greeted by our neighbour, who is either stupidly tall, or has a box by his fence. We are then told how someone had ripped off 5-6 feet of copper piping from the gas main to nextdoor and left gas pumping out into the street!! We'd just missed several fire engines and the gas board vans. 

Super scary, we're just glad our neighbour is really on the ball and was in at the time. Anyone on our land without reason is getting an umbrella shafting in future.


London Hooooooooooooooo!

Finally time to box up the computer, so goodbye internets until Virgin get organised.
We also have a ladder equal to the firealarm of doom, you've met your match little beeper.

See ya guys

Disney Violations

Kinda catchy :D

It's the bit with the eyes that gets me. Back to the sewing I go.


I have a job!

Following a phone call at lunch today, I start tomorrow morning (super late notice) at HPI, so I'll be scuppering car ringing all over the UK :D
Even better; it's shift based between 8am and 8pm, so sometimes I'll get a lie in and the rest of the time I'll have the afternoon off! For £6.50 p/h I think I'll let my unemployment slip for a while.

Maybe with a routine and regular time in town, I might actually get some cosplay done. Looks like Hildarea is being put on hold till the rest of the Shining group are ready and I have some more motivation. For now Luise will do ^_^

What next...


I think the directors at BBC are losing it. 

Hey how about we ditch some kids on an island and see if they die! 
Brilliant! ...Oh wait might get sued by families, costly.
Ditch...fat kids on an island?
Brilliant! They'll last way longer, run it!

Might as well call it Lord of the Flies Improv.